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DIYRock-Making specializes in the manufacture and installation of the most realistic and natural looking DIY Rocks for Caves, Water features, Wall Cladding, Pool Surrounds, free standing rocks, light rocks, Pots and murals of any size and description.  Our motto is simply "If by using a magnifying glass you can detect it's cement, it's not good enough to leave our premises!" Our DIYRockMaking molding process, the world's most advanced technique for Simulated DIYRockMaking, achieves the most realistic rock effect in the industry.  This DIYRockMaking technique has proved to be so simple and successful  that we are now making our secrets available to you through DVD DIYRockMaking courses. DVD RockMaking courses enable almost anyone to convert even the smallest garden into the great outdoors.

DIY Rock-Making | Rock Features with Planters

Rock features with planters

DIY Rock-Making | Rock Water Features

Large running-water rock features

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